the next step:

‘the next step’ was my final project of my Master studies. Impressions of the performance are coming soon.


3D means 3 drumming brothers, who are combining their skills to a percussion spectacle:

Freie Fahrt:

New ideas, new songs, there’s nothing on the road. A brand-new band project.


The craziest drummshow of Switzerland was establised around 2000. Since 2004 I‘ve been part of this band and besides being a player I‘ve also been one of the composers of the shows. There were lot of concerts in the last few years. One of the highlights was definitely the two shows ‘QviruS‘ and ‘QlockS‘, which were completely produced by Querschleger. For information and concerts visit

past projects:

Hasty Remedy:

Hasty Remedy was a Poppunk-Band, which took the band Paramore as an example. Since 2012 I‘ve been the drummer of this band. After the studio sessions we decided to take a break for the time being. Audio clips at media and at